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Posted by Landmark, Realtors on 2/13/2018

Buying a new home comes with a lot of new responsibilities that may have been previously†taken care of by your landlords or parents. When you're out shopping for things like tools and cleaning supplies†for your new home it's mostly guesswork as to which items you really need. Couple that with the fact that department stores are now filled with endless selections and it becomes almost impossible not to waste money or miss an important item for your home. Users on the popular online forum Reddit were recently asked what the most useful item for their house turned out to be†that they didn't think of beforehand. Their answers, which we'll go through below, serve as great advice. If you're a new homeowner or will be soon, read on for these important household buys:

  • A step stool and a ladder You'll use both of these quite often, especially when you're moving. In my house there are a few top kitchen cabinets that are just out of reach, so I'm constantly pulling out the step stool. However, they're also useful†around the house like in closets or reaching high spots while cleaning and painting. Equally important is a ladder. You won't want to mess around climbing on unsteady chairs†for changing lightbulbs or smoke detector batteries. Plus you'll need one for access to the roof of your shed or house.
  • A whole-house fan or air conditioner When you move into a house, especially in the summer months, you're going to want to stay cool while setting up and cleaning your new home. A great way to bring lots of fresh air into the house is to use a whole house fan which draws air into the attic and therefore causing air from outside to flow into your open windows. Window fans are a suitable substitute, so long as they have an exchange mode to bring air in and out.
  • A bucket and a wheel barrow Both of these items are easily overlooked but will be invaluable when it comes to cleaning your house and maintaining your yard. Reddit user shuggins points out some of the myriad†uses for a bucket: mopping the floor, pulling weeds, watering plants, washing the car, washing the dog, and even turn it upside down for a stool when you need a break from all those chores. And†in the†unfortunate event that someone is sick and queasy, a bucket can be†a lifesaver.
  • Drain stops and screens It won't take long for your drain pipes to get clogged up with food in the kitchen and hair in the bathroom without drain screens. Plus, having a drain stop for your sink will turn it into--you guessed it--a bucket! Buckets are the best.
  • New locks† Who knows who has copies of the keys in and around your home. It's important to change all the locks, including padlocks to your shed. There are many horror stories of new homeowners getting all settled in only to be burgled soon after.
  • Batteries all sizes Reddit user typhoidmarry accurately describes the necessity for extra batteries when they write, "Your smoke detectors battery WILL die at 2am. It will." Play it safe and get extra batteries for your all of your electronics to avoid frustration and rage when you can't watch Netflix because your remote battery died.

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Posted by Landmark, Realtors on 12/13/2016

Houseplants give any room a finishing touch and can even help purify the air in your home. Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with a green thumb. Even if youíve struggled to keep plants alive in the past armed with the tips below and some smart plant selections you too can have a home with a little greenery. Consider the light: When you buy a plant it will come with a label telling you how much sunlight it will require. However, the problem many people face is that they donít know how many hours per day areas of their home receive light. Never fear! There is actually an easy way to figure this out and all you will need is a general sense of direction and/or a compass. This is because depending on which direction your windows face you will instantly know how much light a room is taking in throughout the day. A south facing window receives the most light and is perfect for plants who require lots of sunlight or for any plant in the winter time. East and west facing windows are ideal for most plants as they receive lots of sun in the morning and a steady stream for the rest of the day. North windows receive little to no direct sunlight, but can have bright light for most of the day. Choose wisely: Which plants you choose to bring home is just as important as how you will take care of them. Knowing the amount of light each room in your home receives ahead of time will allow you to find a plant that will thrive where you place it. You may also want to shop with a list of easiest plants to care for in mind. Some to consider are the: Spider plant, jade plant, snake plant, pothos, aloe, English ivy, succulents, and air plants Maintain Moisture:†One of the top reasons plants donít live long is that they have been overwatered. When picking out a pot for your plant ensure that it comes with drainage holes and a tray to catch water. Placing stones at the bottom of the pot before adding soil will also help prevent your plant from becoming over watered. You can check if a plant needs to be watered by pushing your finger into the soil to test the moistness of it. If it is dry about an inch down in the soil itís time to water your plant. After watering check back in around half an hour to empty any excess water in the tray so that your plant is not left soaking. Extras for experts: Turn you plant every few weeks to encourage even growth and prevent a lopsided plant. Misting plant leaves every few days will help it stay green and fresh. If you want to move your plant to a different spot in a room avoid it going into shock by gradually moving it to the new location. When shopping for plants look for gardening soil that contains time released fertilizer and water retaining crystals to make plant care even easier. Caring for plants can be intimidating, especially if you have had little success in the past. However, with a few tricks up your sleeve you can keep a collection of greenery thriving in your home. Before you know it you will be a plant growing connoisseur in no time!

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